About Regency Routemaster Tours

We are very proud of our Routemaster and we have been able to trace most of its history.

  • It was registered on the 1st December 1965 and initially operated on services in Aldenham and then moved
    to operate services in Godstone on routes 409,410,411.
  • 1969 a new coat of paint was applied.
  • January 1970 it was transferred to London Country buses and then in March 1970 transferred to East Grinstead.
  • 1972 saw a full overhaul and painted green.
  • December 1977 bought by London transport and repainted red.
  • April 1978 saw a return to service and used on service 15.
  • Routemasters were designed to be taken apart in 2 sections for efficient maintenance. The upper and lower seating saloons could simply be lifted off as one and separated from the chassis. Work could then take place independently. During maintenance if either section was not ready they would be swapped with another section from another RML. We understand RML 2333 had 3 body swaps with the last taking place during 1978 with B2375.
  • 1991 saw the fitting of an Iveco engine which is still in place today.
  • 1993 the interior was refurbished and at the time more modern fluorescent lights fitted.
  • December 1994 bought by London South buses (Cowie).
  • December 1998 bought by Arriva London South.
  • October 2005 used on route 159 before finally being withdrawn from service in November 2005.
  • November 2005 Sold to Ensign bus (Purfleet)
  • February 2006 bought by Finchley and Totteridge Cars. During this time, it was used as a beauty salon before becoming a sales office for Totteridge cars.
  • We acquired RML 2333 in July 2017. A full engine refurbishment was completed in December 2017 and interior and external refurbishment completed by Bucks Bodyshop Arundel. All mechanical work completed by Southern Transit Upper Beeding.


Environmental Policy

As a bus operator we are clear fuel and carbon efficiency is our number one environmental priority. The fuel we use accounts for the majority of our carbon emissions and is also our biggest cost so its a double win to address it. We have had the engine completely overhauled and continue to work with our suppliers to see what further initiatives we can do to reduce the omissions from the engine. We avoid where possible the low emissions zone of Brighton and Hove.
We separate all our waste on board and all recyclable waste at the end of each journey is removed and collected by our approved contractor.